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Investing with Samuel Oshana Usually Brings Great Results

February 20, 2019

For the past few years, Samuel Oshana has managed to obtain a license as a Florida real estate broker, which has allowed him to become even more successful. He has purchased many properties in formerly distressed neighborhoods in Florida's Dade and Broward Counties, and he has managed to rehabilitate them and sell them for a healthy profit. Sam was born in Boston, but he currently calls Miami Beach home.

In the past, Samuel Oshana worked with some of the largest and most prominent brokerages in the country, including JP Morgan and Heartland Securities. When he was a securities broker, he held Series 7 and Series 63 licenses, which are basic licenses allowing a broker to trade in securities, as well as a Series 55, which allows a broker to engage in equity trading.

Overall, he has been quite successful in many business areas, and he has had success in both Florida and New York. Throughout his time as an investment broker, Samuel Oshana learned a lot about the value of investment and how to maximize investment returns.Much of his success has come from his ability to start up new companies and nurture them to great success, such as the time he led the startup and eventual sale of Apex Data Systems, a merchant payment processor that was related to with First Data Corporation. That startup and sale led to a significant return on investment. That’s why Sam engages in more aggressive investment these days, loaning capital to individuals and small companies, while using their real estate as collateral. And that’s why the real estate broker’s license is so important.